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If you are planning a career as a police officer or are interested in learning more about the legal system in preparation for an investigation or law school, a course in criminal justice can give you a solid foundation. From community policing to criminology, criminal justice is a broad field, allowing students to select an area of expertise.

What is a course in criminal justice? Courses range from two-year criminal justice police schools to doctoral programs. Students interested in a bachelor’s degree can expect to study a wide range of criminal justice topics, including the foundations of the legal system and comparative criminal justice. Specific courses may be available in juvenile justice, corrections, and criminology, as well as in specialized areas of interest such as hate crimes, terrorism, or hostage negotiation. For those wishing to pursue a doctorate, further study allows for the exploration of research methods and theory.

With a range of possible careers in law enforcement, a course in criminal justice provides students with a broad understanding of the justice system. In addition, students gain an in-depth knowledge of specific components of the system.

Because of the range of criminal justice courses available for full-time doctoral study, costs vary widely. Contact the program you are interested in attending to learn more about costs and specific course offerings.

Graduates of a course in criminal justice have a range of career possibilities to choose from. Many students choose to work in law enforcement in police forces, correctional facilities, or juvenile detention centers. In addition to traditional law enforcement careers, there are also opportunities for graduates to work in schools, in the courts, or in the community. Some graduates choose to continue their studies, focusing on research, teaching or law.

For those interested in law and order, a course in criminal justice can be the springboard for a successful career in the justice system.

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