Financial aid is crucial for many to take online college courses. How to get financial aid? To get started, it is extremely important that you contact the student financial support office at the university where you plan to study. Then, learn about the various federal and state student financial aid programs by contacting your state higher education agency.

Continue your search, focusing on organizations within your field of work or personal network. For example, examine your relationship with these types of organizations:

  • The academic department of your field of study or research
  • Graduate Associations
  • Religious or community organizations
  • Companies where you or your parents work

Only after you have exhausted all of the above resources should you consider turning to private foundations to identify additional funding for your education. Keep in mind that private foundations often give their funds directly to academic institutions to provide their students with scholarships and grants. In addition, foundations will want to make sure that you have tapped into all possible sources of support and exhausted all possibilities before considering your application.

In addition, online directories, electronic resources, and print directories for researching other grant and contribution opportunities are available at public and academic libraries in your area.

Student Financial Aid (FinAid)

FinAid provides information on sources of funding for education, including scholarships, fellowships, and contributions. Some of the programs included focus on specific populations, such as people with disabilities, minority populations, and international students.

U.S. Department of Education Student Financial Aid

It includes information on various types of financial assistance for students: loans, grants and scholarships, and work-study programs.

College Board Scholarship Search

It helps you create a personal electronic profile that includes information about your educational level, talents and achievements, and personal history. The profile is used to automatically search for matches in more than 2,000 college scholarship programs. (Requires free pre-registration on the Web site).

FastWeb (Search tool)

It allows you to enter information about your academic level and curriculum, and receive in response a list of scholarship and contribution opportunities according to your data.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

Provides information specifically for Latino students, including information about their own scholarship programs, HACU Student Programs, and a general list of scholarship programs for Latino students.