Why to utilize an online college?

Online college courses are a type of training that is increasingly sought after.

With the possibilities that the Internet offers us today, many people are interested in learning more about this new form of education. And because it is all very new, before we make a hasty decision, it is important to know whether it is worthwhile.

In fact, a online college course can solve many problems by being cheaper, offering more freedom and autonomy to the student, etc.

However, what many people do not know is that it requires much more discipline and personal organization compared to face-to-face education, among other details that should be carefully analyzed before making the decision.

So, if you are one of those people who are thinking of opting for a online college career and you still have doubts or are interested in knowing more about it, this post is for you.

What is an online college like and how does it work?

Online college education is a modality of higher education in which teaching and learning take place, for the most part, through technological and communicational resources, such as virtual classes.

In other words, the student and the teacher do not need to meet in person for the educational activities to take place. Almost the whole process can be done digitally and the student can even choose the time he or she wants to attend the classes.

This type of education is foreseen in the constitution of several countries and is even regulated by the Ministry of Education in many countries.

It works by means of the student’s access to a platform offered by the University, through which he or she will attend classes, carry out activities and even take tests.

However, the course is not allowed to be carried out online in its entirety. Some institutions require at least some face-to-face meetings. These meetings can be presentations of papers, tests or practical classes.

What should be considered?

In addition to understanding distance learning, you should be aware that the decision to pursue a online college career depends heavily on your goals, your study profile, and the importance of the career to you.

Remember we mentioned the need to be disciplined?

That demand takes place because you are not going to have anyone there to remind you every day what you should do, you have to organize your time, and that also presupposes a lot of determination.

Another point is to understand and evaluate your real need to choose an online career.

In the case of those who work and have little time for their studies, or if commuting to the university is very difficult and expensive, the online college option is a good option.

And, of course, it is always good that the decision is in line with your professional goals.

To make it easier, let’s now go through some advantages and disadvantages of doing a university degree by distance learning:


It’s cheaper. A significant advantage for those in doubt is the price. Actually, online college courses tend to be cheaper and that has an explanation:

They mean less expenditure on infrastructure. A course can enroll more students than you would normally get at a face-to-face university. The university may also have a smaller number of professors, since classes are digital and can be recorded or broadcast live from a single pole to several students in various locations.

Saving Time. The hourly load of the online college courses varies according to each Pedagogical Project of the Course, but generally the total duration is equal or similar to that of the face-to-face courses.

However, what leads to time savings is that you don’t need to travel to the university and you can do the activities at the pace and time you prefer – these little things make a big difference!

Autonomy in studies. In an online college, the teacher is the student himself, that is, you can decide how to study, at what time you will do it and the ideal environment to develop it.

Having more autonomy in your studies not only gives you more freedom and comfort, but also helps you develop characteristics that will be good for your future in the job market.

The diploma is as recognized as the one for face-to-face courses. Perhaps today, even with the advance of technology and the digitized world, many people believe that the EAD University is not as valuable as the face-to-face university.

But, as you know, online college education is recognized by some ministries of education and trains equally qualified professionals.

Today, the number of professionals trained at this type of university is still small and there is some resistance in the market.

However, the trend is for the number of students opting for this modality to increase more and more. Consequently, the market is recognizing equivalence.

It is one of the fastest growing forms of education. According to research, online college education is growing fastest in many countries around the world.

The advance of technology also tells us a lot about the future of education, as it is becoming important in bringing more opportunities and democratization to education.

Thus, the trend is for online college education to gradually gain even more supporters. Even face-to-face universities are adapting to technology and adopting some blended learning subjects in their courses.


It’s a new model. The fact that online college education is a relatively new model scares many people. Consequently, many have difficulty in adapting to these new tools.

Not to mention that society’s resistance and lack of recognition, often due to lack of information, can become an obstacle.

However, we must bear in mind that everything that is new passes through this barrier at the beginning.

Relying on the Internet and a good device. To attend classes, participate in webinars and do other online activities, students need to have an electronic device – whether it is a computer, tablet or cell phone itself – that works well, as that device will be their main study tool.

In addition, it is essential to have a good Internet connection that allows them to access online tools without harming their learning process.

Less physical and instantaneous contact with students and teachers. We cannot deny that, although DE education makes contact between teachers and students and between students themselves possible with digital technology, distance can be a complicating factor when we think of instantaneous response and closer contact.

Each person should evaluate his or her study profile. Many believe that not having the daily physical contact of the classroom is a critical point, others already believe in the practicality of having time to write a comment, express doubts online and have the information available on the web.

It requires a lot of commitment and organization. There is no other alternative: if you want to reach your goal and graduate from an online college, commitment has to be your priority.

It’s not because you don’t have daily classes and there is freedom of schedule that will be easier.

On the contrary, you will have texts that you will have to read, deadlines that you will have to meet and, whether you want to or not, you will have to spend some time every day studying, and the one who will have to motivate you is yourself.

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