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Possibly one of the oldest natural sciences, physics deals with matter and its movement through space-time, with special attention to the concepts of mechanics, light, heat and other radiations, magnetism, sound, electricity and atomic structure. Physics is a branch of fundamental science, not a practical science. Therefore, the subject of Physics is often a prerequisite for other natural science courses such as geology, chemistry, biology or astronomy. Physics online college courses will also be needed for a career in engineering, medicine or computer science.

The fundamental concepts and theories presented in the subject of Physics must not only be logically true, but also match the observed experimental data. Some physics courses will place more emphasis on theory, while others involve laboratory work, where students will be able to discover the laws of physics for themselves. However, other physics courses will specialize in one of the many academic divisions of physics, such as, molecular atomic optical physics, particle physics, geophysics or biophysics.

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