Online education is a form of distance learning that takes place in environments created specifically for that purpose (a virtual classroom), accessible through an Internet connection and containing the necessary tools to carry out the teaching-learning process.

It is also known as virtual education because the student is not in any campus or educational center, but can learn from home or office, in addition to the fact of not having a teacher in person at that very moment.

In recent years online education has increased its use, since there are hundreds of universities, institutions and educational centers worldwide that use the Internet to offer the opportunity to study either a degree or a complete postgraduate course.

How do online college courses work?

The 100% online study format allows you to accommodate in an agenda the hours of study, the development of your activities and the completion of tasks on the date and time of your preference.

The model usually is asynchronous, which means that you do not need to connect or dedicate time to it on certain days or at certain times. You choose the times and days of the week according to your schedule. The delivery of activities is weekly and is defined for each subject, however, you can advance the units that your pace of study allows.

Likewise, the modality is school-based, that is, as a student you sign up for defined academic periods and take online courses with other classmates in your career or who are taking courses together.